We understand that making your Will is a very personal matter, but you can leave behind an inspiring legacy and use the opportunity to make the type of gift you may not have been able to make during your lifetime.

Through a bequest, you can support what you value most about education and knowledge and play an important role in shaping the future of Melbourne Business School and the business leaders it develops.

Leaving a bequest to Melbourne Business School

All bequests are welcome, and all will make a difference. If you are considering making a bequest, we encourage you and/or your advisers to have a confidential discussion with the Advancement Office about how you can best support Melbourne Business School.

Unrestricted bequest

The School will allocate the funds to areas of greatest need at the time of the gift. Unrestricted bequests provide flexibility to the School to respond to changing needs and priorities.

Specific-purpose bequest

The School will endeavour to honour the wishes of the donor and establish funds, either current or endowed, as indicated in an individual’s Will. Specific terms and conditions may be needed to administer such funds, and consultation with the Advancement Office is encouraged.

MBS recommends including a provision that authorises the School’s Board to apply the bequest to another purpose if it becomes impractical to use it for the prescribed purpose.

Our Patrons

"The MBA has been a great help to my career. I owe it to the School to support it financially. If you do not want to make a gift during your lifetime, I hope you give serious consideration to a bequest in your Will. I have done both." - John Dahlsen, MBA 1969

"If you have been successful as a result of your MBA degree, you should create a bequest to MBS as a lasting thank you for what you were taught and your subsequent success." - John Elliott, MBA 1969

Bequest Patrons

John Gough AO, OBE (AMP 1963)
John Dahlsen (MBA 1969)
John Elliott (MBA 1969)
John Ralph AC (Mt Eliza Program 1964)