Group & Team Coaching

Group and team coaching programs typically include small groups of 6 – 10 people in a series of coaching sessions that run for up to 3 hours each.

Group and team coaching is a cost and time-effective method of executive development, appropriate for groups with similar development needs. It provides a forum within the workplace where colleagues can socialise learnings, which in turn deepens understanding and supports the transfer of learning into the workplace.

Group and team coaching models ‘coaching conversations’ within your organisation and can assist your organisation in developing a ‘coaching culture’.


  • Provides you with a forum for experimenting with new behaviours ‘in the moment’, supported by your coach and witnessed by colleagues
  • Witnessing the personal development work of others is very effective learning
  • Having your own personal development witnessed increases the intensity of your experience and assists you in transferring your learning
  • By undertaking coaching at your premises, you transition immediately from your workplace into the coaching, and then from the coaching to your workplace, ensuring the most effective learning application, and
  • The coaching work, personal development and reflection come to be seen as a normal part of the business day with clear cultural benefits.

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