Executive Coaching

Executive coaching programs typically involve between 6 and 10 x 90-minute sessions conducted over 9 – 10 months. Development needs vary, but executive coaching can:

  • support in developing strategies to succeed with a particular challenge
  • enhance general leadership skills
  • strengthen an established career in need of revitalisation

The process

  • Together with you and your organisation, we identify and set 2 or 3 specific goals
  • Based on these goals, you will be presented with 2 potential coaches. You can select your preferred coach and then meet with them to ensure the 2 of you are compatible. We have executive coaches located in all Australian capital cities, as well as in major cities throughout Asia and New Zealand.
  • Typically, your coach will also meet with your manager for further insight, to discuss progress and to ensure your manager is engaged in and supportive of your coaching program (this is not applicable if you are at the most senior executive levels)
  • If required, basic or comprehensive reporting can be included

The coaching sessions

  • Can take place at your premises or at any Melbourne Business School Executive Education campus 
  • Run for up to 90 minutes and are typically scheduled every 2 – 3 weeks
  • Can be conducted face to face or via telephone, Skype, teleconference or similar technology, and
  • Are confidential. You may choose to disclose coaching conversations, but your coach will not. Should an issue arise that it is important for your organisation to be aware of, you and your coach will agree to find an appropriate way to inform your organisation.

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