Coaching FAQs

Is coaching therapy?

Coaching is a type of business therapy. Participants present with business issues. They are psychologically healthy adults who, like most people, can benefit from candid dialogue and exploration of business issues. Whilst coaching will address many aspects of your life, it is ultimately directed towards developing your executive ability. 

How regularly do coaches and coachees meet?

Coach and coachee(s) determine the frequency of sessions. Usually regular meetings are planned at intervals of approximately every 2 – 3 weeks to maintain engagement.

Can coaching be conducted via phone or Skype?

Coaching can be delivered either face to face or by phone, teleconference or similar technology. Face-to-face coaching has the advantage of immediate presence and can offer a richer experience, however MBS-Mt Eliza coaches deliver effective coaching both face to face and by distance.

Is it confidential?

The coaching conversation is confidential. You are welcome to disclose details of your coaching conversation as you wish, and in many situations coaches will encourage this as socialising personal learning is a major support to learning effectiveness. Your coach will not disclose the content of your conversations.