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Master of Analytics Management

Master of Analytics Management

Designed for managers who want to understand analytics

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In the age of big data, human insight is vital to understand how technology is used and what it means for business. Rapid digitalisation means there is more information than ever before for organisations to base their decisions on, but the crucial factor for success will be knowing how and when to use it strategically.

Melbourne Business School has designed the Master of Analytics Management program to give students the skills they need to become leaders in this environment. You will learn how to work with analysts to extract value from data and thrive in organisations where data are part of everyday decision-making.

The degree is designed for leaders and managers who require an understanding of how to leverage data strategically, rather than analytics practitioners themselves, who are catered to by the Master of Business Analytics program.

“Many companies have great data at their fingertips; however the real value comes from an ability to use that data to drive great outcomes for the customer, for business fundamentals, be they in risk or fraud reduction, streamlining the supply chain, or taking low value time and effort out of core business processes. At ANZ we value managers who can direct their data analysts effectively – they can walk in their shoes, understand the data being used, and most importantly know what questions to ask and how to guide their teams for valuable insights and actions. The Masters of Analytic Management at MBS is the perfect programme for managers who want to improve their ability to extract value from the data process. I think that means it’s critical for ALL managers!”

- Emma Gray,
Chief Data Officer, ANZ


“SEEK is an organisation that sees data and analytics as enablers to providing greater efficiency and opportunity in the Australian employment marketplace, and we have a broad range of projects and staff dedicated to these causes. Key to leading these teams of analytical experts is knowing how to communicate with and manage the team in a way that aligns with their skill sets and wider strengths. Our leaders are also required to communicate with the wider business about the insights we are uncovering and where new and unanticipated opportunities lie. The Master of Analytics Management program will give our leaders skills to get the best out of their teams and create productive dialogue with our colleagues. With data becoming so ubiquitous, such a program will be invaluable for Australian managers to stay ahead of the game.”

- Antony Ugoni,
Director, Global Matching and Analytics, SEEK