Careers support helps Aidha find her post-MBA dream job

For MBA students, finding a job that sparks passion, excitement and is better paid than their previous position is typically an essential part of their post-graduation plans.

Melbourne-based Aidha Ahamat, a senior analyst at ANZ, completed her Part-time MBA at Melbourne Business School in 2015 and said the guidance and support of the school’s Career Management Centre made all the difference in landing her ‘dream job’.

Aidha, who came to Australia three years ago from Sri Lanka to study with MBS, said initially she found it “extremely challenging and frustrating” to break into the local employment market.

This was despite 10 years’ work experience behind her in Colombo working in various financial service roles with companies including EY and Amba Research.

However, Aidha said her difficulties came because she was “going it alone” in her job search. 

Then she connected with the Career Management Centre team for assistance.

“The Career Management Centre team was a constant source of motivation and inspiration, which helped me build my confidence in obtaining the right role,” Aidha said.

“They took me under their wing and helped me understand what I should be looking for in my ideal job.”

“This included helping me understand how I should position myself to prospective employers, a five-year career road map that would allow me to achieve my career goals and guidance on the importance of networking and building a professional network.”

Career Management Centre Director John Gurskey said his team worked with students and companies to find the ideal fit for both.

“Employers recognise the high-quality of Melbourne Business School’s programs and know that our students are of the highest calibre, which is why they seek out our graduates,” John said.

“Similarly the School recognises that our students want to progress their careers after graduation, which is why our Career Management Centre team provides support and facilitates job success.” 

In her current role as Senior Analyst in ANZ’s Statutory Reporting Team, Aidha said she was on “a steep learning curve” and was constantly challenged in her work.

“Learning how a large organisation operates while establishing my credibility and gaining the trust of my managers has been important,” Aidha said.

“But having said that studying for the MBA at MBS went a long way in helping me secure that confidence and trust from my managers.”

For prospective MBA students, Aidha has some advice. “MBS was always my first choice because of its international recognition,” Aidha said.

“The school has a great faculty who are really committed to doing things differently.”

And Aidha said the Career Management Centre was invaluable as part of the MBS experience.

 “I am really grateful to them for their absolute commitment in helping students like me secure the best employment opportunities, globally.”