Success Stories

Fernando Jofre

Before Fernando Jofre began as a project manager for pulp and paper company CMPC in his hometown of Santiago, Chile, he chose to upskill via an MBA overseas.

"I started work at CMPC before I travelled to study an MBA in Australia and, now, I'm back here helping to develop strategic plans and execute key projects on our packaging business," Fernando says.

Nicole Teng

Prior to starting her MBA, Nicole Teng spent eight years in management consulting and strategic planning in the retail industry. Now, she's a senior business analyst at Australian airline Jetstar.
"After three years of management consultant work, I found myself passionate about solving business problems that could impact the organisation and community.

Henry Manning

After six years as a freelance opera singer in the UK and Europe, Henry Manning felt he needed a more secure future. He soon realised that following a similar path to his father and completing an MBA early in his career could open greater opportunities for him.

With his partner hailing from highly liveable Melbourne, Henry felt studying abroad might be a good way to start his journey.

Isha Chander

When you graduate with honours in English literature in a country leading the world in book reading, you must be exceptional. And when you move from city to city as a child because your parents work with the Indian Embassy, your eyes open to the world.

Indian national Isha Chander came to Melbourne Business School to study her MBA after working with global analytics company Evalueserve in London, where she spent five years as a marketing manager.

Valentijn van Gastel

With a background in earth sciences, Valentijn van Gastel had a stellar career in renewable energy before embarking on his MBA at Melbourne Business School. His career focused on helping utilities and EU governments reduce the costs of large-scale offshore wind energy. So, what made him leave it all behind to study business abroad?

Valentijn wanted to expand his career prospects through new knowledge and an international experience, but moving to Melbourne Business School from Amsterdam appealed to him in a special way.


Ciara O'Sullivan

Dublin-born Civil Engineer Ciara O’Sullivan sweated her way through the Pilbara heat in Western Australia for five years before deciding she needed to broaden her career options.

While her career in mining operations was going well, she felt an MBA would open fresh opportunities and started looking for the right school.


Liza Kierans

Knowing what consulting firms want and how to navigate the interview process was the support that helped propel the career of Liza Kierans, who completed her MBA at Melbourne Business School in 2015.

The invaluable insights provided by the School’s Career Management Centre formed an important part of the former rail engineer’s move into the management consulting sphere, where she is now a senior consultant with Deloitte.

Aidha Ahamat

For MBA students, finding a job that sparks passion, excitement and is better paid than their previous position is typically an essential part of their post-graduation plans.

Melbourne-based Aidha Ahamat, a senior analyst at ANZ, completed her Part-time MBA at Melbourne Business School in 2015 and said the guidance and support of the school’s Career Management Centre made all the difference in landing her ‘dream job’.