Paying it forward reaps rewards

Jo Pizzey knows more than anyone about the pool of rich talent on offer at Melbourne Business School.

A Senior Manager in Member Analytics and Insight at Australian Super, Jo completed her MBA in 2010 and has since been an ardent supporter of fellow graduates. She regularly liaises with our Career Management Centre to find talent for her organisation.

“Being a graduate of the School, I have an understanding – and expectation – of the calibre of candidates I would meet through the School, which is half the challenge when you’re sorting through CVs,” says Jo.

When she was a student, juggling part-time studies with her work at the National Australia Bank, Jo found the Career Management Centre to offer valuable development opportunities that were relevant far beyond graduation.

“The personal service, coaching and career management skills that I learned at MBS were so valuable to my entire career, not just the next role,” says Jo.

Career Management Centre Director John Gurskey says, “Support from our alumni is crucial to helping our students land the right jobs, especially for the part-time cohort. I know recruiters see a huge amount of value in someone who can work full time, manage their home life and go to school.”

Jo says, “The value of the Career Management Centre is that they take the time to understand each student, their skills and aspirations as well as my own organisation when finding someone who’s the right fit.”