Our advantage

The diverse backgrounds of all cohorts studying at Melbourne Business School share a hunger for progress that prepares our students to be dynamic leaders who have an impact, in Australia and beyond.

All of our MBA students have a minimum of three years’ relevant work experience and we focus on developing a range of ‘soft skills’, such as change management, communication, leadership, teamwork, dealing with ambiguity, negotiation, problem solving, critical thinking and values alongside teaching our students on the fundamentals of holistic business management.

Our focus on ensuring our diverse cohorts of students who work closely with and learn from each other gives our graduates an unequalled experience and understanding in working with people from a variety backgrounds and industries, and being able to make the most of every opportunity presented to them.

Whether you’re hiring a Melbourne Business School graduate or intern, our people:

  • Apply consistently in-depth knowledge and understanding, based on previous work experience and advanced study, to complex business situations
  • Are self-directed and able to act autonomously in planning and implementing projects
  • Bring the latest business thinking to your organisation
  • Create, scrutinise and exploit opportunities for growth and improvement
  • Have an holistic understanding of all key business concepts and functions, including financial management
  • Have well-developed interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate effectively and to interact with groups and individuals at all levels
  • Make sound judgements with incomplete data and communicate conclusions clearly to a range of audiences
  • Transform organisations through strategic leadership, intellectual rigour and professional ethical values.

To find out more, email the Career Management Centre or phone +61 (3) 9349 8129.